2017 Hobie Mirage 180 Sport




• Two-Piece Paddle with On-Hull Storage
• MirageDrive 180 with ST Fins
• Twist and Stow Rudder
• Sail MountRear Cargo Area with Bungee® Tie Downs
• Vantage CT Seating
• 6” and 8” Twist and Seal Hatches
• Hobie Plug-in Cart

Comes with the MirageDrive 180, the original pedal kayak drive. Kayaking becomes easier and more efficient than ever.

The Vantage seating system provides the comfort needed for long stretches out on the water. The seat-back, bottom, height, and lumbar-support are all easily adjustable.

Hobie’s Twist and Stow Rudder is there when you need it, gone when you don’t. The retractable-rudder system is engaged and disengaged with a pull of the T-shaped control handles.

The Sport’s tri-hull design improves stability by increasing floatation at the edges of the beam. Structural ribs run the length of the boat, stiffening the hull, while the hull’s rounded profile reduces resistance for a quieter, faster ride.

Length: 9′ 7″
Width: 29.5″
Hull Weight: 61 lbs
Rigged Weight: 78 lbs
Capacity: 225 lbs